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Photo :Estelle Hertault CDT50



Here, it is the sea the conductor, his incessant ballet gives the "La" to the locals and to the tourists who discover another art of living. There will be something for everyone, lovers of fine sand, fans of steep cliffs, the coast had the good idea of being neither flat nor linear, it is always by surprise that you will discover a rich landscape of sea, sometimes azure blue, sky blue, navy blue, emerald or all at the same time.

Bring your boots and windbreakers, but in Normandy, the sky never stays gray for long. On the same day, you can swap them for tap dancing and t-shirt. So plan your little outfit of the perfect Penguin.

Please note, hiking in the Channel cannot be improvised. You have to come equipped, as much as if you decided to tackle a Corsican or Irish trail. It is a wild land, protected and preserved. Here, it is up to men to adapt and respect nature and not the opposite.

You are now ready, it must be said that the weather in the English Channel is not a problem. Because there is always something to satisfy his desires for leisure or outings.

Every Wednesday, market in Montmartin sur Mer (catering, fresh products, local products ...)

50 m from the campsite, wall and natural climbing site,


Festival heat up in the dark

link: https : //www.c
Crossed the harbor of Siena
Visit of the Rey lime kilns

The Maillard fishery in Hauteville sur Mer
Hiking trails, the famous GR223
Cycling tours, Véloscénie
Fishing (fish, shellfish)
Bike rental, rosalies
Canoe Kayak
sailing school
Horse riding (walk on the beach)
Swimming pool
Local markets (Hauteville sur Mer, Agon-Coutainville ...)
Cinema 3 km away


Enjoy the spectacle of high tides

in the Channel and treat yourself to the

breathtaking, whether the tide is low or

high. High tides take place when the tidal coefficients are the highest, ie greater than 90. Some dates for 2020 to note:

- 08 & 09 April

- September 18 & 19

- October 17 & 18

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Book your chalet so as not to miss these events.


The Mont Saint Michel
The Chausey and Channel Islands (Jersey ..)
Granville aquarium
The landing beaches, the D-DAY
The city of the sea in Cherbourg

Tatihou Island


Fish, shellfish, crustaceans, mussels, oysters
Cheeses (Camembert, goat cheese, etc.)
Apple juice, Cider, Perry, Pommeau, Calvados, Ti'zef,
Homemade cookies ...

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